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Sedation Dentist for Independence Residents

To be human is to have something you fear: public speaking, roller coasters, clowns, heights, or the dark, to name only a few. If, however, your fear is the dentist, then you are in very good company.

The Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation estimates that some 30 percent of adults have a fear of the dentist that is so serious they avoid dental treatment. Some are afraid of the needles and other sharp instruments a dentist uses; others are bothered by the sounds in a dental office; while others feel confined and claustrophobic in the exam chair. If seeing the dentist is your fear, then Dr. Nakhla and the staff at Independence Family Dentistry want to help, so you can have the dental treatment you need to maintain your smile, your oral health and your general wellbeing.

At Independence Family Dentistry, we offer two types of sedation dentistry to ease the fear and anxiety that you may experience when undergoing dental treatment.

Nitrous Oxide: The Sedation Dentistry Independence can Relax With

If you consider your fear or anxiety about the dentist to be mild, then nitrous oxide may be the sedation dentistry to effectively settle your nerves. Otherwise known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is delivered in combination with oxygen through a mask that is positioned over your nose. Within seconds of when you begin breathing in this odorless and tasteless gas, your body will begin to feel relaxed and your anxiety will dissolve. While you’re calm and gently sedated, Dr. Nakhla can complete your dental treatment. When we’ve finished, the mask is removed and the effects of the nitrous oxide wear off very quickly. You can go about your daily routine without any residual consequences.

Oral Conscious Sedation

For dental anxiety that is more severe—some cannot even tolerate the anticipation of seeing the dentist—there is oral conscious sedation. With this type of sedation dentistry, Northern Kentucky patients of Dr. Nakhla take a mild sedative pill at a predetermined time before coming to our office. Because you’ve taken a sedative, you will not be able to drive. So, be sure to make arrangements for a responsible adult to transport you to and from your appointment.

The effects of this sedative are more pronounced than those that result with nitrous oxide. Once in your system, oral conscious sedation may relax you to the extent that you think you’ve slept through your treatment. In fact, however, you are conscious so you can respond to Dr. Nakhla and his assistant when they speak to you. With oral conscious sedation, we can perform several dental procedures at one time.

IV Sedation

For patients who are severely fearful and anxious about dental appointments—or for those who require an exceptionally lengthy procedure—Dr. Nakhla can provide IV sedation. In this instance, a sedative is administered intravenously; the level of sedation is dictated by the type of treatment required and a patient’s personal characteristics, including size and weight. And although you are unconscious during treatment, a local anesthetic may be necessary.

During a procedure with IV sedation, your vital signs are continuously monitored. Your safety and health is our number one priority at Independence Family Dentistry. Once Dr. Nakhla has completed treatment, we’ll continue to watch your condition and allow you to leave only when we know you can do so safely. Of course, a friend or family member will need to drive you home after dental treatment with IV sedation and preferably keep an eye on you for the remainder of the day.

Don’t delay your necessary dental care. Call Independence Family Dentistry to request your appointment with sedation dentistry.

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