Intraoral Camera

At Independence Family Dentistry, we believe that educating our patients about dental problems and treatments, as well as the status of their own oral health can create better, brighter smiles for a lifetime. One way we use technology to help with this directive is through the use of intraoral cameras.

An intraoral camera is the same shape and size of a pen with a tiny lens on the tip to capture detailed images of a patient’s teeth and gums. The camera is first covered with a sterile plastic cover and then placed in the patient’s mouth. The images are instantly sent to a computer screen that can be viewed by the patient and our dental team, allowing us to point out any problem areas during the exam and explain the reason for any suggested treatment. We can also answer any questions about a patient’s current oral health and address the concerns he or she might have. 

Intraoral cameras are invaluable dental tools because they allow us to more easily spot minute dental problems. Catching and treating dental issues in the early stages requires far less time, money and suffering than if they were to go unnoticed. Our primary goal is to ensure your complete dental well-being.

Independence Family Dentistry uses intraoral cameras and other technology to help with your dental care needs. If you live in or around Northern Kentucky, we would like you to see experience our technology and services. Take a moment to request your appointment.

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