All-On-4 Dental Implants in Independence, KY

Conventional dentures are not the only solution for tooth loss

Conventional removable dentures don’t solve all of the problems associated with tooth loss. In fact, they restore only about 10% of chewing function, and often result in labored speech, superficial signs of aging and sore spots or painful blisters in the mouth.

Thankfully, removable dentures are no longer the only option for those who suffer from severe tooth loss or decay. For those seeking a permanent option that is both affordable and supported by years of clinical success, Independence Family Dentistry offers the All-on-4 treatment—a procedure that results in a fixed full-arch prosthesis.

A permanent, more effective alternative

All-on-4 is a bone-anchored, implant-based solution that can be used to provide patients with a permanent replacement for the upper and/or lower sets of teeth.

This procedure uses four implants to support a fixed full-arch prosthesis containing anywhere from 12 to 14 teeth. The entire procedure is completed in a single visit, eliminating the need for a follow-up to fit the prosthesis, and allowing the patient to walk out of the office the same day with a brand new smile.

Bone-anchored prosthesis such as the All-on-4 treatment provides the natural appearance of conventional dentures, while restoring 60-80% of chewing function. Additionally, the four implants that are placed mimic the roots of natural teeth, slowing or preventing jawbone deterioration and premature signs of aging.

For a more permanent, comfortable, quick and affordable solution to tooth loss, consider the All-on-4 treatment from Independence Family Dentistry. Request your appointment today!

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