Dental Implants

Replace Missing Teeth with Natural-Looking Dental Implants

At Independence Family Dentistry, we know that missing teeth may embarrass you and can ultimately lower your self-confidence. Missing teeth can also affect your oral health, your ability to speak well and your ability to eat nutritious, wholesome foods. One of the optimum solutions for replacing missing teeth is dental implants.

Biocompatible Tooth-Replacements

Dental implants are biocompatible fixtures that are surgically placed into your jawbone, and then completed with either a porcelain crown or an attachable dental prosthesis. Dental implants are ideal tooth-replacement solutions because they actually mimic the roots and look of a natural tooth. At Independence Family Dentistry, Dr. Danny Nakhla can both place the implant and complete the restoration.

Durable & Reliable

The jawbone’s main purpose is to nourish your teeth, so without teeth to “feed,” the jawbone begins to deteriorate. Dental implants are the only tooth-replacement option that simulates tooth roots, prevents bone loss and keeps your facial structure intact. Dental implants are also durable, and have a success rate of more than 96%. Dental implants easily become a natural part of your smile, and you can even care for your implants the same way you do your natural teeth.

If you are looking for tooth-replacement options, consider dental implants from Independence Family Dentistry. Request your appointment now!

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