Is Your Child Ready to Visit Their Family Dentist Already?

Is Your Child Ready to Visit Their Family Dentist Already?

When you think of a smile, it’s not all about permanent adult teeth. Your child’s baby teeth matter too! Truth be told, keeping your little one’s teeth and gums healthy as early as possible is the best way to ensure that their adult teeth will develop in their proper places. Healthy baby teeth lay a strong foundation for permanent adult teeth.

Taking care of your son or daughter’s teeth from a young age includes massaging their gums as they’re infants, instilling good brushing and flossing habits as they grow into toddlers and adolescents, and most importantly, bringing them in to visit your local family dentist.

When should my child start visiting the dentist?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, your child’s first dental visit should no later than their very first birthday. Sometimes, it could even be before then if they begin developing teeth before the age of one.

Dental appointments are important at an early age! Although you may not expect it, your child becomes susceptible to developing cavities even when really young. How can you help your child avoid dental issues from the very beginning? By having your child visit your friendly family dentist, you can gain valuable information about the good things to feed your children for optimal oral health. You’ll also learn about the best dental hygiene practices to complete at home.

What does your local family dentist do for you and your child during their first visit?

When it comes to keeping your child’s primary teeth healthy, there’s no better way than to start with dental appointments. Pediatric dental care keeps primary teeth healthy and free of decay and other dental diseases.

Your child not only gets comfortable and builds a friendly relationship with their dental professionals, but your little one will receive comprehensive cleanings infused with preventive products such as fluoride. You and your child can benefit from the very first appointment in these ways:

  • Hands-on learning experiences about proper dental care.
  • Protection against cavities with dental sealants and fluoride treatment.
  • Thorough head, neck, and mouth examinations to ensure development is going smoothly.
  • Professional cleanings to remove harmful dental plaque and debris.

What are you waiting for? It’s time for your child to meet their family dentist!

Healthy baby teeth and gums create a sturdy foundation for adult teeth to develop into. This sturdy foundation also helps with developing your child’s bite, assist with chewing food, and speaking clearly.

Also, by keeping their gums strong and healthy at a young age, you’re helping your child’s oral health in the long run. Their adult teeth will have a much lower risk of having dental decay, cavities, and other severe dental problems. Not to mention, if your child becomes comfortable with the dentist while they’re young, they will be fearless of the dental chair as they grow older.

If you’re interested in scheduling your child’s first dental appointment, we encourage you to schedule your appointments before the school season starts. It’s understandable that the hustle and bustle of life can distract you from taking care of your smile, but it’s important!

Meet Your Family Dentist

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